Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to write a perfect job description?

If you don’t write a perfect or even good job description, candidates are not going to apply for your role. It’s an extremely competitive marketplace currently for companies hiring at all levels, and a perfect job description makes all the difference. If your competitors are using DirectReports job descriptions, so should you.

Should I write a new job description for every role?

Once you have created an account with DirectReports, all of your previous job descriptions are saved in My Jobs. You can access all of your past job descriptions easily, and the next time you need to write a new one all you need to do is copy over what you wrote initially about your company profile, health benefits etc. to the new job description. Then, just write the specific responsibilities and requirements for each new job description you need to create remembering that the more personalized and detailed information you include about the team structure and your company culture, the more candidates you will have applying for your role.

Should I include compensation information in my job description?

DirectReports advises against including salary information in your job description, as you will often be considering varying years of experience within a specific job title. Therefore, the base salary will generally be a range in line with the candidates experience, and you don’t want to discourage candidates from applying for your role if they perceive the position to be too junior for them based on salary alone. While salary is definitely an important factor for job seekers, candidates are often more interested in information about your company benefits, culture and any other perks you have to offer and will make a decision based on these factors other than pure base salary alone.

How can DirectReports help me write the perfect job description?

DirectReports simplifies the often painful process of writing a job description. We provide you with the questions and tips that candidates want to know, allowing you to write the perfect job description in minutes. Feel free to email us at with any additional questions.