About Us

Writing job descriptions is an annoying and time consuming process. Everyone wants their roles filled quickly, but if you don't take the time to write a captivating job description, candidates are not going to apply for your job. It is currently a candidate job market with companies, agencies and startups all competing for the same limited pool of talent.

DirectReports was launched as a free product for anyone who is looking to make a hire in any industry. Our platform guides you quickly through the process and helps you write the perfect job description in minutes. By answering the questions that candidates want to know about your role and company, you are engaging with job seekers right from the beginning, including passive candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position.

A DirectReports job description brings your company culture and team dynamics to life, and candidates get excited about the possibility of working for your organization before the interview process even begins. DirectReports job descriptions cut through the clutter and they work.